Thursday, November 5, 2015

What makes for a great villian?

It is irrelevant if you are talking about a book or a film. The protagonist will get you interested by the villain will define your hero. A weak villain will soften your story and make for a  weak story. I have read many of book and seen many a film where the villain has outshone the hero and taken center stage. A prime example of this would be Heath Ledger's joker from the Dark Knight. His performance is remembered as far more effective and powerful then Batman himself. You have to hate the villain and at the same time attach with them. They can't just do villainous things they have to have a stronger back character to attach with readers or viewers.

1- Sense of Immortality: we have to believe the villain will not go away easily and even if they do...are they really gone?

2-Clear but not too clear of a goal: We are never comfortable in knowing what they are up to.

3- Something that sets them apart: They need to be unique, no cookie cutter tie her to the tracks villain

4- Unsure of their full potential: What are they capable of? Don't make it too clear let us discover it.

5- Savage Nature: Is there no limit to what they will do to reach their goal?

What are you thoughts? Who is your favorite villain of all time?


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