About Ana Meyer

Ana Elise Meyer believes in the strong independent woman and stresses the female protagonist in her novels. Ana wants to make characters who her readers can cling to and become invested in what happens to them, the good and the bad.

Ana was born and raised in St Louis, Missouri, where she still resides today. Ana graduated from the University of Missouri-St Louis with a degree in Criminology/Criminal Justice. Ana primary work hasn't been in writing but in working with at risk youth and children with disabilities. Ana sees the struggles that these children face everyday and wants to stress how those struggles can affect the person you become. Her characters are flawed and their struggles with those flaws make them relatable for any young adult. The children she works with are her inspiration to follow her own dreams and never stop dreaming and creating.

She enjoys reading many types of literature but prefers historical fiction. She is an avid film fan, who loves action adventure films. Ana lives with her three rescue dogs and cat.


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