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Being an indie author can be very confusing. Where do I get a cover made? Where should I advertise? Should I advertise? How do I get reviews? Where can I get editing work done? I set this page up to give the indie author out there a few resources I have found to be helpful :)

* Get your book into as many hands as possible. I know that is the goal but sometimes you need to give it away to get that to happen. Doing a Goodreads giveaway or making it free on Amazon or any other ebook site can help.
If you do list it as free for a period of time this website can give you some ideas of where to advertise for free to help drive downloads.

* If you need a cover check out
I have used covers by
Both were amazing and the company is really easy to work with.

* Network and make friends on Goodreads. I have found that becoming a reviewer myself has really helped me get reviews for my book. Get involved in review groups and become a reliable reviewer. If you need a review...well you are on the right website. Check out my review submission guidelines for instructions.

*Being supportive of other writers. If you are of the mindset that you are better than the rest of the indie world and don't feel the need to encourage and support other authors then don't expect them to do the same for you. I have found that readers of mine have drifted to other books of authors I reviewed and vice versa.

* CoPromote has been a joy to come into my life recently. It is a free service that helps you get re-tweets on Twitter. Here is the link Join me it is free and a great way to get more followers and more views of your tweets :)

*FreeBoosky-if you are running a free promo it is worth it. I had more sales of the other two books plus over 2,000 downloads of the first

This list is ever growing and this is just the start. If you have a resource you have found to work, please share :) Comment bellow so I can add it to the list.

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