Thursday, March 3, 2016

Review of the book: Health Benefit of Soursop

Health Benefit of Soursop
By: Laucy Kenneth

Rating: 3 Glasses

A very informative short book. I was unaware that the Soursop even existed. I am a big supporter of research to find a solution for Cancer and I think exploring alternative medicines is a great path to take. Looking into using the natural gifts the earth gives us to treat disease is a direction I am in full support of. I do hope however that people consult with their doctor about using any alternative medicine to make sure it would not possibly negatively affect the treatment they are receiving. That  being said there were a lot of grammar issues in a very short book and a couple typos on the cover. When discussing health and treatment of cancer if you want someone to take the information seriously making sure it looks professional is very important. At the same time the information is good and I hope this treatment is further researched.

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