Monday, March 21, 2016

Ana's Post

Yay my day :) I want to talk today about something that has happened lately that has started me on a path I hope other authors will follow.

I work with at risk youth and one day I took a couple of them with me to pick up some video game supplies from a local media store and while there I expected the two boys to ask me to buy them candy or a toy of some kind...they didn't. Both asked if I would buy them a book. It blew my mind I never expected that and yet I was thrilled to hear it. I have made it my mission since to get these boys more access to books.

I reached out to other authors through Goodreads and the response has been amazing. So many have been so giving when it came to adding to the library of books for the boys to have access to. If you are an author and would like for me to add your young adult novel to the collection I am building please let me know. I have a kindle the boys can read on but they have to share it.... we all know how sharing goes with teenagers (lol) so paperback books are most preferred but I would love ebooks as well if a paperback is not an option.

I will update all of you as to the success of this project of mine along with a list of the amazing books and authors who have helped me out :)


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