Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Wattpad Wednesday: Tales of Cubonia

It's Wattpad Wednesday and Today's Story is:

Tales of Cubonia is a fantasy serial set on the cube planet of Cubonia, a six-sided world world where each face has its own personality. The Golden Hourglass is the first tale of the serial that focuses on a treasure hunter (maybe thief) named Broderick Porter and his gryffon sidekick, Adhemar. Broderick is hired to steal a valuable possession from Queen Annelise's youngest daughter, Alexandra. But the job is much more than it seems, and when Broderick and Adhemar find themselves tangled up with the witch that controls the Wastelands of Time, they'll need some help from some very unexpect sources. 

Cubonia is a world full of monsters, knights, royalty, witches, treasure hunters, and enough humor to keep it all rolled together!

About the Author:

I've been writing since I was a kid because I've always had ideas rolling around my head and it just made sense to write them all down. Or at least the ones that were good. The idea for Tales of Cubonia came to me a long time ago when I was extremely bored and asked a friend to give me some random words in which I could base a story on. I wrote her a short story that would eventually become the story of Broderick and Adhemar.

All I really want from my writing is for people to read and enjoy it. Being some big famous writer that the whole world knows has never been my endgame. As long as someone can read the words I wrote and find entertainment in them, that's what makes me happy.

What can readers expect from the Author:
The main thing anyone can expect from my work is humor. There are plenty of books and stories out there that take themselves so seriously. There are not nearly enough books that make you laugh, however. At least, not in certain genres. Fantasy is one place that is overloaded with overly serious stories. There are some humorous ones out there, but they're few and far between. With Tales of Cubonia, readers will get the things they know and love from the fantasy genre, but with a humorous spin.


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