Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Wattpad Wednesday: Light and Shadows

About the Book:
Ever since she was a child, Nora King has been able to see the shadows of the dead.

When she is attacked by her best friend Jason, she discovers that the shadows she thought were mere figments of her imagination are frighteningly real - and they hunger for the living.

She is rescued by Liam Hayes, the new guy in town who has secrets of his own - he is a vampire.

Together they have to face a terrible evil, someone from Nora's past wants to see her dead at all costs.

About the Author:
Raven Blackburn was born in South Africa. After spending her childhood with her loving grandparents she moved to Germany at the age of eleven to live with her mother, stepfather and little sis. She suspects moving halfway around the world at that exact age caused her letter to Hogwarts to go missing, something she deeply regrets.
Ever since her childhood she would spend each day creating stories in her head and frantically writing them down lest she forget them all. Most of her stories feature vampires, so be advised to close your windows at night while reading.

To Contact the Author:
Twitter: @RavenLBlackburn


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