Submission Guidelines

Ana wants to encourage all artists to follow their dreams. If you sell a million copies or ten you are a success. You took the steps to go there. That is why, this blog focuses on indie projects, the authors and filmmakers who don't get the recognition for putting their work out there.

If you are interested in having your book or film (shorts accepted) reviewed for this blog, please fill out the contact form (not the comment section) on the bottom of this page with the following information: ( please note any of these require that you email subscribe to this blog, please do so prior to submitting a request)
For  Film Friday:
1-      Name of the film
2-      Basic Cast info: Director, Producer, Actors/Actresses (any amount of that information you want included)
3-      Description of the film: Brief Synopsis
4-      What kind of film is it? Ie Documentary, Action/Adventure, Mystery, etc
5-      Where can people find it?
About You
6-      How are you associated with the film? What got you interested in making movies? What are your film career goals?
7-      Where can people find you? Ie Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc

For a Book Review: I will only be reviewing 1 book a month so please keep that in mind when submitting. 

1- The name of your book & link to your book on Amazon

2-If your book is available on Kindle Unlimited or not (if not a MOBI copy of your book will have to be provided)

3-Length of your book (page number)

4- Short basic blurb (under 100 words) about your book

5-Your name and contact email
 *Additional Note: If your book is going to be a free download on Amazon, please let me know so that I can just download it

I ask that you please follow this blog and join me on Twitter and Facebook and that you share my review of your work from my blog with your fan base.
Contact forms are responded to within one week. If I don't respond to your contact form I did not receive it, please re-submit.

ALL reviews are done on YouTube.


  1. Submissions need to be made through the CONTACT FORM at the very bottom of this page NOT in the Comment Section. All posts in the comment section requesting reviews will be deleted. Thank you

  2. Thank you, Ana. Your site is well appreciated. It's people like you that makes people like me continue writing...God bless your your sweet, sweet soul...

  3. What a wonderful site! Thanks Ana.

  4. Hello Anna, please,do you review christian Non-fiction ebooks as most of my book are in this genre.

  5. I wish I had a site like this, thanks, Ana


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