Friday, November 6, 2015

Cruelty Free Cleaning Product Review: ECover Dishwasher Tablets

ECover Dishwasher Tablets

Rating: 3 Glasses

I was turned on to these by a friend after I made the switch to all cruelty free cleaning products. I was nervous of using any tablets that weren't the standard (ie cascade). I had a brand new dishwasher and I don't run my dishwasher daily. I live the single life and don't dirty that many dishes so I only run it like once a week. So I need a detergent that can get the stuck on food. I like the fact that these are safer for the fish and don't pollute the way normal dishwasher packs can and they do the job. I have only had a couple instances of stuck on left over food and I think some of that was my fault. ( ie left it on them too long). I wish they did better with glasses as they don't come out as shinny clean as they did with my old cascade packs but they are clean so I let it go.

I am not 100% sold and I will be trying another brand once these run out. Stay tuned to see what product I try next :)


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