Sunday, November 8, 2015

Review of the Novel: Dragons of Daegonlot: Dragon Orb

Dragons of Daegenlot: Dragon Orb
By: Shanlynn Walker

Rating: 5 Glasses

Ok I know nothing about dragons...well unless you count what I picked up from the Harry Potter series. So I was prepared to be lost in this book but Shanlynn makes it easy to follow. The writing is smooth and makes for a quick read. The story tells of a young man who wishes to be a dragon rider but no dragon will chose him. Until a wild dragon choses him to care for her egg. Drax (The boy) raises the dragon but does not bond the way the other dragons do, as this is a wild dragon not a tamed one. The story takes several twists as we are uncovering the mystery behind the dragons being tamed. The ending leaves us with a "what's going to happen next" moment and I am eagerly awaiting that result.

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