Saturday, November 14, 2015

Review of the Book: Full Circle: From doodles to discovery- 101 drawings to finish (Volume 1)

Full Circle: From doodles to discovery-101 drawings to finish

By: Katja Vartianinen

Rating: 5 glasses

So nothing to read in this book just to explore. I am not much of a doodler so I tested this book out on some unsuspecting teenagers. I gave them all the same page from the book and told them to finish the drawings. Once done I had them all group up and compare what they created. They all had different drawings. It was a great way to help them understand perspective. That they all started with the same paper but saw very different things when it came time to develop the material. I don't think the artist intended for this to be a therapy tool but it is and it worked. I also gave some of the other pages to some teens with busy hands (ie they need something to do all the time) and they loved it. Several spent over an hour working on different pages. If you love to doodle this book is a great time to be had. Let your creative juices flow :)

To grab a copy Click Here :)


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