Friday, November 13, 2015

Cruelty Free Cleaning: Mrs. Meyer's Rosemary Hand Soap

Mrs. Meyer's Rosemary Hand Soap

Rating: 4 Glasses

Ok I LOVE this hand soap. It smells great and washes clean. The only reason it is getting 4 and not 5 glasses is because of packaging issues. I went to the Mrs Meyer's website and found that they sell these really cool glass soap dispensers and I was like, "HELL YES" I must have these but when I looked to see if this scent of hand soap came in the refill bottle ( the big one) it does not! So if I want the cool glass dispensers I have to buy the soap in the regular dispenser and then empty it into it? No that's dumb and a waste. Why doesn't it come in the refill size???? That is my only complaint and I hope Mrs. Meyer's fixes it soon.


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