Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Review of the Novel: The Glorious Cause (Gideon Hawke)

The Glorious Cause

By: Robert Krenzel

Rating: 4 Glasses

Giving me a historical fiction is both a curse and blessing. One I am history buff so I am holding you to the truth (for the most part) and a blessing because it is my genre of choice. This book focuses on a young man coming of age during a time of war. The perspective of the young during troubled times have become a great way for young people to become interested and learn more about the time period being covered. It gives them something to relate to when learning about the time period. This book does this really well. The author focuses on telling the story of the revolution while at the same time giving a young person a perspective they can relate to. I enjoyed the read and never got bored with the more technical side of things but I fear some youth may. However if it one they should try, get a history lesson and a good story what could be better?

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