Friday, December 4, 2015

Review of the book: The Collected Works of Valerie Z Lewis

The Collected Works of Valerie Z Lewis

By; Valerie Z Lewis

Rating; 5 Glasses

This book was hard for me to pick up and hard to put down. They are great short stories that are fun and entertaining to read, it was knowing she would be giving the world no more stories that brought tears to my eyes. As someone who recently lost someone very dear to them the idea and pain of the loss of such a promising life was deeply moving. Yet beyond my tears she was able to bring me to laughter with the story of the pizza order and the misspelled name.....Girl I know that pain, many people in my life call me Elise and nobody gets it right and it drives me crazy!!!
Check this book out. Not only are they great stories but the purchase goes towards The Valerie Lewis Award for Excellence in Creative Writing at Mercy Collage where she taught.

To Grab a Copy Click Here :)


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