Monday, December 14, 2015

Ana's Post

Last week for my post I talked about grief and its effects on myself personally. I got the chance to talk to the little boy's mother after I posted it and it lifted my spirits and steadied my heart. Today I refuse to dwell on pain but to enjoy life and laugh. So I am sharing a little laughter from my life. The video below is of my smallest but oldest dog. Her name is Anabelle and she is a puggle that was rescued from a puppy mill when she was only ten weeks old. My sister had taught her beagle to sing a while back and I got jealous. I have a beagle mix, I told myself, I can teach her to sing to gosh darnnit. Well after about three years of trying I got her to do it. This video cracks me up because she is just so darn cute. So check it out and laugh with me. :)


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