Monday, December 21, 2015

Ana's Post

This whole blog thing has changed a lot for me. Prior to beginning my journey as a book reviewer I was soooo picky about what I read. I was like "If its not good historical fiction I am not interested!" I snubbed my nose at romance novels and cringed at the thought of any vampire book since Twilight came out. When I started this blog I started it with one rule: Turn no book away. I had to get out of my tiny little book world. I had to expand my view and that one rule has changed everything. The first romance type book I got changed everything. I couldn't put it down. Yes it was raunchy and I blushed a couple times but it held my interest. I never thought I would read that type of book let alone enjoy it.
The world of indie books has opened a new door to me and I feel it has helped me grow. Not only as a writer but as a person. To see new perspectives and new worlds in a completely new light. Indie books get ignored in the publishing world and god forbid a literary agent even consider signing an author who indie publishes. So, help in promotion world of major media it out of the question. However these books are many times incredible stories that deserve recognition and I hope that this little blog will continue to grow and promote the indie world that I have grown to love so much.


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