Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Review of The Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials (Warning: Some Minor Spoilers)

The Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials

Directed by: Wes Bell

Rating: 2 glasses

Ok I want to start out by telling you I didn't read the novel this film is based on. I had seen the first Maze Runner movie and really enjoyed it but again I had not read the book. So my review is based solely on it as a film and not as a book to film adaptation. I went into this movie expecting it to be very much like the first one and to continue the story of the survivors of the maze however it threw me for a loop within the first ten minutes. It is a zombie based post apocalypse world! I did not get that impression at all from the first film. The film had good pacing and did keep the viewers attention or at least mine and the two teenagers, that I work with, that I took to the film. They loved the movie and were all in to every action scene. I however was more confused by the plot holes. I never got a full understanding of what happened to the planet (they mentioned a solar flair but in passing) they also never really explained the zombie situation (where did the virus come from, how did it spread so fast, etc.) It was also much darker then I expected, the zombies brought a darker edge from the get go but again experimentation on children brought it to an even darker place. I am not sure the previews of this film gave an accurate depiction of what kind of movie it was. I saw large numbers of children under the age of sixteen in the theatre who may not be mature enough to handle the subject material.

In Summery for adults this film was fine but for kids I would say NO. If you are into the whole zombie apocalypse thing it is a great film for that but for those who prefer the action/adventure sans zombies I would pass.


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