Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Review of the Film: Pan

Directed by: Joe Wright

Rating: 3 Glasses

I love Hugh Jackman. So I was thrilled at the idea of him as a pirate and he does not disappoint. As usual he brings his A game and is very entertaining.
In terms of cast I had two problems:
1- Hook has a weird accent that makes me think he is Bones from Star Trek and I have no idea why he sounds like that but it is off putting.
2- Tiger Lily is played by a Caucasian actress.
Number 2 is a big issue for me. Rooney Mara is a great actress and I am taking nothing away from her but Tiger Lily is a Native American character and should have been cast as such. I think when dealing with established characters in mainstream media you have to show the respect to the character as it was intended.
However with that being said the eight children ranged in age from 11-17 that I took to see this movie enjoyed it immensely and at the end of the day that is what matters. I enjoyed the film despite the issues that I had with characterizations and let's not forget they had a Nirvana song in the movie. For what reason I do not know.

Bottom Line: Bring the kids they will have a great time :) Adults may be less enthused.


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