Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Review of the book: Pieces like Pottery: Stories of Loss and Redemption

Pieces of Pottery: Stories of Loss and Redemption

By: Dan Buri

Rating: 4 Glasses

I was not emotionally prepared for what this book did to me. It is a collection of short stories about love and loss and the toll they take of the people involved. I was brought to tears several times and not because I could relate to what the characters were going through but I felt for their pain. I think however many people can more directly relate to what these characters go through as many have experienced that type of loss themselves.
The book kept me interested by keeping the stories compact. Writers can be temped to elongate a story for length sake but Dan kept things moving and I didn't lose interest. I did at times get a sense of "My life ain't so bad" when reading the tales of pain that these people had gone through. I really liked how Dan emphasized regularly the light at the end of the tunnel. Coming to terms with loss can be a burden that many people struggle with. Finding that light and getting there for these characters can uplift the reader to find their own light at the end of a loss.
All in all a great read that brought me to tears several times. If you are looking for a tear jerker with an uplifting message this is your book!

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