Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Wattpad Wednesday: The Taste of You

Today's Story is:

About the Story:
Zoe Sullivan thought it was bad enough when her boyfriend—ex-boyfriend—told her she had no sex appeal. Now her wicked friends wanted her to walk out of the house wearing nothing but a scantily clad red dress that barely covered her features. She was out to prove her sexiness! They had her convinced she could do it until they ditched her at the door of Rockster's Bar. Now what did she do?
Detective Zeke Chance can't believe he's about to go into Rockster's and bust a prostitute. The mere fact he's a homicide detective and not vice, and that he never understood the mindset of a woman selling herself, has him wishing he were in the safe confines of his house. Not in his car, talking himself into walking inside. He could do this. He's a cop. Just focus.
One insane night of bliss, a connection so deep it's unexplainable. Ruined by a misunderstanding. Zeke thinks he's lost his chance with the woman of his dreams, until one day, she walks back into his life on another case. This time he's working where he should, as a homicide detective. How can he convince Zoe he made a mistake and she's the one? How can he keep her safe when she becomes the target of the killer he's looking for? He just found her again. He's not ready to lose her for a second time. He needs more than one taste of her.
About the Author:
 I am a stay-at-home mom with two beautiful little girls. They are high energy (as I'm sure most kids are) and give me occasional breaks to put my thoughts down on my lustrous computer. I graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Criminal Justice, working in that field for several years before the opportunity came for me to stay home with my girls. I asked myself while hanging out with my girls…what are you going to do when they start going to school? Go back to work in the Criminal Justice field? And I told myself, no. I wanted to write. I have always secretly loved to write, and I love to read. So, I thought, why wait until they're in school. I can write right now.
 I have self-published five novels to-date. Two contemporary romance novels, two romantic suspense, and one short story mystery novel. One Taste of You, I entered into Harlequin's So You Think You Can Write 2015 contest on Wattpad and made it into the Top 55. I'm currently working on book two that involves two of the secondary characters in One Taste of You. I also just finished another romantic suspense novel, Escaping Memories ~ A Lucky Town Novel. I plan to release that early spring. I have two other book ideas in my head for the third book in two different series that I already have published.
Whew! So much to do, so little time. I love writing. I'm so glad I decided to take the plunge and do what I love. I always have ideas running through my mind, which means I will always be writing them down!
Besides the short story mystery novel, Follow Me, Sweet Darling, I write strictly romance. (I wrote that story in honor of Halloween. I had to get my spook on!)

I love romance. I love falling in love. Two people meeting, sparks flying, or not, sometimes they need to struggle with each other before liking each other. I find suspenseful novels easier to write. I enjoy weaving a tale, creating a mystery, and making people guess the outcome. While it is easier for me to write, it does make it a little more challenging at times to create that mystery, and I like that challenge.
I also write contemporary romance. I don't need the suspense. I find it might take me longer to write the story as I'm wondering where to go. When you have a little suspense, you have clues, direction, a purpose. Contemporary novels, to me, are more about everyday life, with, of course, a few challenges along the way.
I also try to add in some humor. Maybe not everyone will get my humor. I sure do laugh while I'm writing, so I think it's hilarious. Maybe a bit of dry humor, if anything. So, expect to see humor, steamy romance i.e. sex (depending on the novel), and, for the most part, suspense. I think even my contemporary romance novels have a bit of suspense in it.
Where you can find the Author: You can connect with me in various places. I love to interact, talk, make friends, and hear any comments, whether good or bad, from people.
Twitter:  (@amanda_siegrist)

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