Saturday, February 13, 2016

Review of the Novel: Hey Guys, the Redhead's Back!

Hey Guys, The Redhead's Back!

By: Laurie Loveman

Rating: 5 Glasses

I have never been through a divorce so I was worried I would not be able to relate to this book but I was wrong. I found I didn't have to have the experience to enjoy this woman's tale. It is told in a diary format which makes two books in a row in that format that worked perfectly for me. To many times in "inspirational" books the story is always so dark :( This is told through wit and fun and yes addresses her struggle but finds the joy in little things and does so through telling a fun story about becoming the best you can be. Learning a lot about the life of a firefighter was just a bonus :) If you enjoy a good laugh while at the same time inspirational books you will love this one.

*I was provided a free copy in exchange for an honest review

To Grab a Copy Click Here :)


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