Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Wattpad Wednesday: Sins of the Gods

Today's featured story is:

About the Story: After being raised in Tartarus by his Titan father and demigod mother, Vale Doe was brought topside by Hermes and set adrift. He spent years learning how to function in the mortal world, raised by humans. When he came of age, the gods found the perfect way to use Vale to their advantage. They send him out to do their dirty work, from killing unruly creatures to hunting down killers, and even body guard duty. For Vale, it's the perfect solution to his endless time, and self destructive nature. Lily Valley is a daughter of Dionysus and the nymph Polyxo, giving the girl power over nature and the animals she encounters. For eighteen years, she's lived in peace in the woods of Connecticut with her pets, her sisters, and nothing else to bother her. Her carefree life is put in danger when an unknown creature begins tearing its way through her home, killing her nymph sisters and the animals she loves. Her father calls upon what the gods call an abomination, Vale Doe, for his help. Sent to stop the creature, he must keep Lily alive and eliminate the threat.

About the Authors:Our writing goals are to get more readers and build up a fan base so that we can put more stories out into the world. We want to get to share our stories with the world. We both started writing for different reasons. For me, it was because my partner told me that I should try. That was why I started. Why I keep writing is because I can't see a life where I don't do it. I like making stories and playing with characters. Sarah writes because she's always had the pull to do it. She's been writing since she was a teenager.
Readers can expect a fun story that's light and filled with action, laughs, and romance.

Readers can find them at:
Sarah Hall: Twitter: @SarahMHall33

 Nicole Thorn: Twitter: @NicoleThorn
 Instagram: @CappieThorn
 Tumblr: Nicolethorn
 Goodreads: Nicole thorn


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