Friday, February 12, 2016

Indie Film Friday: Moments

Name: Moments
Director: Chris Cronin
Producers: Andrew Oldbury, Phil Meachem, Simon Hardwick
Cast: Simon Hardwick, Lauren Harvey, Ed Currie
Synopsis: 'Moments' is the story of a young man who always seems to just miss out on those special moments in life. But a chance encounter with a beautiful and mysterious woman promises to change all that forever. With only his determination, a flurry of confetti and an irrepressible love of dance, he sets out to win her heart.
Genre: Musical Romance
Where to Find It:

About Andrew Oldbury: I grew up in a small community in the North-West of England. Film and television provided me with a means to escape the confines of my own world into one where I could go on adventures with my favourite heroes, see new cultures and be part of the story when the hero inevitably saved the day. When my parents told me that people did it that for a living, my mind was made up and I've never looked back since!

I'd known Chris for a while before
we made "Moments". I'd just moved down to London to start working for the BBC on "Holby City" when I got a phonecall from him asking if I wanted to make something for the Virgin Media Shorts competition. There was only about 3 weeks before the deadline and Chris went "I haven't got a script.. but I wanna make a Disney musical!" I was hooked from the get go.

Twitter: @andrewoldbury
Instagram: @andrewoldbury
Vimeo: AndrewOldbury

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