Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Liebster Awards 2016

I had no clue this existed until I was nominated by: Zoya Anwar of http://reviewingdreamer.blogspot.com/ She proposed the following questions to me :)
1) Right twix or left twix? 
Do not make me choose :( I am eating both :)

2) Fictional crush? 
James Bond, today, tomorrow, and forever
3) Fictional foe? 
 I am not sure I have one, sometimes I like the villains the best :)
4) A guilty read: something you know you shouldn't have liked but you still did?
 Almost any really raunchy romance novel. I shouldn't love reading them but come on they are great :)
5) Your hobbies, apart from blogging? 
 I have time for hobbies?? I love to hit the gym or just hang out with friends. I keep it simple.
6) Your favorite binge worthy TV series?
 Currently it is Weeds.
7) Your favorite book from when you were 5?
 The first book I remember falling in love with was "Little Women" I am pretty sure I have read it a million times.
8) Your inspiration from the fictional world?  
 I love Quentin Tarantino so anything and everything he does :)
9) Why do you continue to make the effort to blog, when you could be doing other stuff? 
 I love it. It is a great outlet and gives me the chance to meet new people and grow within the industry.
10) Describe yourself in ten words? 
 Major pain in the butt, but major fun so there :P
11) Favorite number and why?
23 it was always my number when I played sports.
Ok time to nominate:
Shanlynn Walker of http://shanlynnwalker.com
C.A. Sanders of   
Here are your questions:
1. Cat or Dog?
2. Favorite Color and Why?
3. You can only read one book for the rest of your life. What is it?
4. Avengers or Justice League?
5. How many books have your written and how many books do you want to write?
6. Which is better Twitter or Facebook and why?
7. Why do you continue to write?
8. Traditional publishing or Indie?
Tag me in your reply :)

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