Monday, February 29, 2016

Ana's Post

Sometimes my blog posts are short and to the point and sometimes I have a bit more to say....this is one of those posts.
 Recently I traveled out of the country, it was more needed than I even realized. To just get away and disconnect. My life has changed so much in the past year I can't imagine my life the way it is now last year at this time.
As many of you know back in November I suffered the tragic loss of the little boy I was a nanny for. He was taken from us by something the doctors could do nothing to stop and it crushed everyone his life touched. On February 4, 2016 I received the news I was dreading. The little girl I was also a caregiver for lost her battle against her own body. I never thought when I met both of those sweet angels that within three months of each other they would become real angels.
The trip to the Caribbean was my chance to reflect on what has happened and what I want to happen in the future. I want to continue to grow to become a better person everyday and to do my part to help others.
That is why I took the steps to register to become a Bone Marrow donor. It is an easy process to get registered and it may save a life. If we can be instrumental in providing what is necessary to save a life I think it is out duty to do it.

If you interested in joining me please go to to sign up


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