Thursday, February 18, 2016

Review of the Novel: Catharsis


By: Noorilhuda

Rating: 2 Glasses

I hate giving a bad review :( It is just not in my nature but I really struggled reading this book. There is a lot of dialog which I love but it was hard to tell who was talking and follow the story as there were little descriptors as to who it was actually doing the talking. I also could not stand the main female character (double sad face) she was very unlikable. Now I am not saying that a character can't be tough and no nonsense but they have to have redeemable characteristics or things that make you want to care about them. She just didn't, she was always angry (enter hulk) and I really just couldn't care if anything happened to her or if she even solved the case. This has a great story premise but it just didn't work for me :(


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