Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Wattpad Wednesday: The Stolen Papyrus

It's Wattpad Wednesday, Today's story is:

About the Story: She doesn't carry a whip or wear a fedora, but Michaela Sterling does know how to use a shovel and dig for artifacts.
However, what she wasn't expecting while excavating in Egypt was discovering she would have to be working with the one person on earth she never wanted to see again- Xander Harrison.
Nor did she think she would find herself in the middle of a murder investigation...with Xander as the main suspect.
To make it all even more complicated, there is a more dangerous enemy lurking in the shadows... and it all seems to revolve around an ancient papyrus that vanished the night her father died.
Although Xander claims his innocence, Michaela can't bring herself to trust him. Until she has no other choice.

About the Author: I go by C.M. Turner and I've always loved to write. I didn't start to write seriously until I needed an outlet. You see, I'm a small-town country-bumpkin who relocated to Europe after graduating from college. While trying to find a job and learn a confusing new language, I began writing as a distraction during the long and frustrating process. I took something I had started when I was younger and felt as though I could make it into something epic- so I did! I'd love to see this story become a series that will someday be published, either traditionally or through self-publishing.

I write about things I love- history, exoctic places, mystery, adventure, plot twists, and sweet, clean romance. I love to see readers' comments as they root for the good guy and are shocked at the plot twists and beg for more. It tells me I'm on the right path!

Where can you find the Author: You can reach me here:
   Wattpad @CaitLin817
   Twitter @_cmturner

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