Monday, January 4, 2016

Ana's Post

Oh no time for a I recently became involved in a conversation with some fellow writers who had the mindset that if a book has a lot profanity, it is of poor quality. That the use of profanity is just lazy writing and shows a low intellect on the part of the author. Well.... I completely disagree. Here's my argument. Profanity is a part of daily life, if you use it or not you will come into contact with it. People cuss! To think that a character who cusses is not a well thought out character is just saying it is not the type of character you want. If you don't like books with profanity then don't read them but to say they are garbage is just narrow-minded. I won't go on a long rant but accept it profanity exists and it in books doesn't make them bad. Just remember, "Good Will Hunting" is littered with the F-word and it has an Academy Award for Best Screenplay......... I would love one of those, LOL

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  1. Profanity is part of life, more so for some characters than for others.

    My characters came with their own list of things they say when under pressure of various sorts. I keep it down - I think all of it in Pride's Children: PURGATORY is in the character's thoughts - I think the inside of a person's mind should be fair game for being honest to who they are.

    It's always a choice how much to use - but it isn't a completely free choice, or the characters don't sound right.

    I go by the idea that most adults can handle PG-13, and stay about there.


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