Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Wattpad Wednesday: The Dragon

It's Wattpad Wednesday and todays story is:
From the Author:

About the Story:  Maria Hornsheath is two things: a peasant and an anthromorph. The lowliest of anthromorphs in fact; a dragon. A sign of evil they are among the poorest beings living within the kingdom. Her mother is crippled by age, no longer able to work as she once could when she was younger, when her old bones could shift easily and it was not painful to move in the slightest. Her step-father - a human who was cast out of society for marrying a 'common garden snake' - is a poor roof thatcher, barely able to put food on the table for Maria and her half-brother, Chase. Desperate to help her parents make end's meet, Maria delves into the darkest parts of the city, living in a life of crime and secrecy. That is of course, until her 'secret' is found out. (It's fantasy if that matters)

About the Author:My name is Samantha Clarke and I'm a twenty-two year old college student, currently in my fourth year of study, hopefully graduating in the spring of 2017. I'm majoring in social work and plan to one day work in either early intervention or with troubled LGBT+ youth.
I have always been fascinated with reading and writing, and I started writing short, illustrated stories when I was ten years old, just for fun. I became serious about my writing when I was eighteen and began working on my first novel, which inspirations came from a small group of my friends. I hope that one day I will be successful enough to become a full-time novelist, but I'm not going to hold my breath.

What can the reader expect: Readers can expect some good fantasy and werewolf/paranormal stories. I like to throw a little element of romance in my stories, so they can expect that too. I like plot twists and kill off my characters (cuz I'm a monster, I know) but I've heard that I'm good at what I do and I leave my readers wanting more!

Where can you and the work be found:


Twitter: @SClarkeBooks

Tumblr: SClarkeBooks.Tumblr.Com

WattPad: @SamanthaMClarke


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