Thursday, January 28, 2016

Review of the Novel: City of Masks: Book 1 of the Bone Mask Trilogy

City of Masks: Book 1 of the Bone Mask Trilogy

By: Ashley Capes

Rating: 5 Glasses

Any time I get a book of this length, I take a deep breath. I am expecting to spend almost a week reading it so I mentally prepare myself to potentially be bored. However.....that was not the case in this book. Not only did I finish it in record time for a book of this length, I NEVER got bored! Ashley keeps the reader intrigued by giving us characters we want to follow and action to keep us interested. I really like Sophia, that's my kind of gal but to say she was the only character I enjoyed I would be lying, I really enjoyed most of the characters...even the bad guys. A long read but worth it. If you love fantasy mixed with action/adventure you will love this book.

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