Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Wattpad Wednesday: New

It's Wattpad Wednesday, and today's story is:

About the Story: Rose Rosuelles, a 19 year old girl. She is a modest, funny, dramatic and emotional girl. She always dreamed like every other girl in the world. Housework, get married, have children and the end. But, what happened when she moved to London?

About the Author:
My name is Halima mohd Hassan
I'm 14 years old
I'm now working on the next part of the book NEW. I'm also working on a science fiction, fantasy, horror, paranormal, spiritual, non-fiction, romance and another Fanfiction. I have the stories planned, just inscriptions it in a book.  I want people to live a life which they can't live in this world.
Actually, I already had many ideas when I was 13, but was too scared to write or show them to the world. Then my friends they encouraged me to write after listening to my ideas and here I am writing a book. I love all my lovely readers. I notice and know each of my readers. My readers often tell me that my work is very good. And that makes me want to write more
Thank you for all the support

Where can you find the story and author: You can find me on Twitter by the user name binthassan21
On wattpad by the username halimahassan
Email me by


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