Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Wattpad Wednesday: Bullied and Alone

It's time for Wattpad Wednesdays and today's story is:

From the Author (Ali)

About the Story: In the book there is all different true stories about people's bullying stories (mine is at the front) and I want to try to get as much people as I can to stand up and voice their feelings and

About the Author: Me on the other hand, I love helping people (as I am an anti-bullying ambassador and of course this book) My goals...well I like a mystery and I love what I am doing now and all the people wanting to help them selves, I started writing because I read this book on wattpad by an amazing author that did bulling stories (bit different than mine) and I talked to her about me ideas and she gave me some help and tips for writing, so here I am.

What can the reader expect?:  Readers can expect truth and 100% effort in my work.

To check it out on wattpad click here:  Bullied and Alone


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