Sunday, January 10, 2016

Review of the Novel: From the Mud

From the Mud

By: Paul Emery

Rating: 3 1/2 Glasses

I am not one to do half glasses but I was torn with this book. On one hand I think it was a very well written novel and tackled a very serious subject well. On the other hand I struggled with the pace and some language choices. To clarify the story was being told from Bert's point of view and at times words that are used do not fit the time period for someone to have used. The book tackles a very serious subject and addresses PTSD in WWI soldiers however due to it being a fictitious account and not a memoir it lost some of its emotional draw. As for pace the story is a slow moving one and for someone like me who prefers fast paced it was at times tough to read without losing focus. Now with all that being said it was a well written novel and I am glad I read it but it was not really for me. If you enjoy slower paced emotional reads about war this book will fit your perfectly.

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