Friday, January 22, 2016

Review of the Book: Getting a Handle on Happy

Getting a Handle on Happy

By: Teri J Dluznieski

Rating: 3 1/2 Glasses

I appreciate the work that goes into books like this. Their goal is to help people and give them advice on how to better their lives. However for someone who has been in the mental health field for ten years like I have most of this information is not new. I think for someone who was struggling this book could be very helpful for them to get themselves back on track. I do disagree with the author in the respect that "pills are a quick fix" For someone who has worked with individuals with serious mental illness no amount of meditation can fix that. Medication is necessary for some people and should not be frowned upon. Now I am not saying this author has bad intentions, I think a lot she suggests are great and are very helpful. I live by many of the same dietary principles and my life has improved greatly since I made that change. So check it out, it may work wonders for you.

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