Sunday, September 11, 2016

Sunday Post

So I don't normally post on Sundays but today I felt the need to say something as it is Patriot Day here in the US. There has been a lot of hate being thrown around over athletes not standing for the National Anthem to protest injustice in our country. I am appalled by people's reactions to this. One of the freedoms we are so blessed to have in this country is the right to peaceful protest. That is what they are doing and they have that right and I respect it. People in the US have more rights that many countries in this world and yet we bash one another for expressing them. We get angry and call people names for freedom of speech a right that is a right we are guaranteed to have. This is Patriot Day and what makes you a "Patriot" is up for question to so many people. The idea that if you don't are not an American is just wrong and a complete perversion of what is means to be an American. Let nobody tell you who you should be and what you should believe it is your right as an American and stand for what you believe in and help make this country a better place.


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