Monday, September 12, 2016

Ana's Post

Hey all today I want to continue to talk about promotions that work. I have really dove head first into trying to promote my books. I tried two sites in the past couple weeks: Genre Pulse and GoodKindles.

Genre Pules- On the day it was featured I sold 4 copies and had 2,000 pages read on KU...however the rest of the week I saw a continuation of pages read on KU (6,000 additional pages) and an additional 15 copies sold. It cost me $17 so it was about a break even-ish. I would consider it a WIN

GoodKindles- On the day it was featured I sold 1 copy and had 800 pages read. The rest of the week saw 7 additional copies sold and about 2,000 additional pages read. It cost $35 so I consider it a BUST.

Stay tuned for more promo results.


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