Monday, September 19, 2016

Ana's Post

So I am still on the topic of promotion as it is for me, as all authors, an on-going process. This past week I used:

People Reads- I ran the promotion on 9/13 and sold 1 copy. The remainder of the week I sold an additional 5 copies. In terms of KDP pages read 353. (Now these stats were only for Marie as that is the only book I promoted I did have sales of my other two books but I cannot verify that they were due to this promotion.) It was only $7.99 and those low pages read could be a bunch of people starting the book since it is impossible to tell if that is just 1 copy being read or 50. As a result the low cost and the potentially long term I will call it a Win. It may work better if the book was free.

This upcoming week I am running a promo on Ereader News Today (9/18 sorry still have to wait for results) and Fussy Librarian (9/23) I will let you know those results on my 9/26 post.


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