Monday, April 11, 2016

Ana's Post

Hey all just wanted to update everyone on things going on here on the blog :)

1- Trying to keep up with reviews, if you submitted a book it will be read and it will be reviewed :)

2- Indie Film Friday- I have not been up to snuff on that. I have missed a few Fridays but that will end now, lol. I will be back this Friday :)

3-Freebie Wednesday- I need your free ebooks :) If you have a book that will be free on a Wednesday please visit my "Submission Guidelines" page and submit your book to be featured: It is a FREE Service

4- We have hit over 50,000 visits :) I am pretty proud of that :)

Well that is about it and I am going to keep working hard to make things bigger and better :)


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