Monday, October 17, 2016

Ana's Post

I went to see The Accountant this weekend and I was so enthralled with what I saw. Most people who follow my blog know that I have spent the past seven years working primarily with children on the Autism spectrum. Children with that diagnosis are such a mystery to most people in the general community. They get glimpses and pictures of what Autism is and how it affects people's lives but no real understanding of a person living everyday with Autism. I was actually really happy to see (spoiler) Ben Affleck's character as a young boy suffering a sensory overload and his father having to physically restrain him to apply pressure to calm him down. This is a side of Autism we don't see as often as we should. I will talk more about the movie on Friday for Film Friday but I really want to encourage people to go out and see it. It is an amazing film and done in an entertaining and beautiful way. Just my two cents :)


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