Monday, October 10, 2016

Ana's Post

Hey all :) So Sorry for missing last week but it was hectic and I was unwell and things are back on track for this week :) I wanted to take a moment to talk about my writing. I have three published books and yes sales of the first book excite me but not nearly as much as sales of my second and third book in the trilogy. Now this is not just because the second two books are more expensive but also because of what it tells me about the reader. Nobody buys the second or third book in a trilogy does so without reading and enjoying the previous book. This gives me hope even if they didn't leave a review buying the second book means they liked Marie enough to buy James and if they buy Jasmine they enjoyed Marie and James enough to buy the third. I guess this is an ongoing sense of success every time I see those sales :) So just because they didn't leave a review doesn't mean they didn't love it :) Keep your head up and write on my fellow writers.


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