Monday, August 29, 2016

Ana's Post

Ok everyone I told you the results of my big promo but I didn't tell you what I did and what actually worked so here are some tid bits of knowledge I gained from it:

1- FreeBooksy=Rocks! I bought a spot on FreeBooksy and on that day I only had a posting on FreeBooksy and I had 1400 downloads and I sold 50 copies of a mix of James and Jasmine. No I didn't make my money back since it was free downloads but I have seen a continuation of the success from it in pages read on KU of the second two books.

2-Giving away book one for free and discounting the other two worked! I really pushed the free book and really didn't do anything to promote the other two being discounted to see if the freebie would drive sales of the other two and it did. I really think it was due to people looking to download the first one for free and seeing the rest of the trilogy was only $0.99 for each book and thought "Hey I can grab a whole trilogy for only $1.98. Even if I hate it I didn't invest that much." Or maybe they were more optimistic, lol. Either way I sold more of James and Jasmine that week then I expected and have seen a continuation of sales of both since then.

3-You have to spend money to gain any momentum. I was so frugal when it came to marketing up to this point. I was so afraid of spending a lot of money and not getting anything back for it. I spent the money for FreeBooksy, ManyBooks, and BookBarbarian and I have not been disappointed. Between sales and KU pages read I have made over $200 since I ran that promo.

4-Persistance is key! I struggled emotionally to finish the third book since I wasn't seeing as much success with the first two as I had wanted but I stuck with it and I believed in my work. I am so glad I finished it and that it is being received so well. I know a lot of readers have said that they don't start a trilogy until it is completed for fear that the author won't finish it and they will be left disappointed that they didn't get to finish the story. I hope I am finding those readers :)

5- Indie Authors have to encourage each other or nobody will! Share what you have learned and be supportive of other authors. I have met some indie authors who think they are the best and tear everyone else down. It is disappointing because everyone can always learn something new and improve. Love and support that's my philosophy and I hope I can help any other authors out who need it in any way :)

Now it's your turn: If you have something that has worked for you share it!



  1. Hi Ana, Congrats on your promo and thanks so much for sharing the results of your promo and how you made it happen. I recently used Bargain Booksey and Many Books as part of a Kindle Countdown and was very pleased. I love your blog. Thanks!


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