Friday, July 22, 2016

Indie Film Friday: Sympathy, Said the Shark

Sympathy, said the Shark

Directed by: Devin Lawrence

Staring: Lea Coco, Melinda Cohen, Dominic Bogart

The Breakdown: When a young couple opens their door to a soaked, bloodied, and estranged friend they quickly discover that their night is going to get even stranger... Each person's perspective uncovers a darker secret until an even larger threat is right outside.   (From IMDB)

My Review:
I was immediately fascinated with this film from the moment it was suggested to me. Normally when reading points multiple points of view can be difficult to track but I have never seen it used in a film before. I'm struggling to review because it is a thriller so I don't want to give away any details about the film for fear of spoiling the film. I will however comment on the multiple points of view format. I think that for this genre of film it was perfect, it added to the suspense. Getting each person's point of view when dealing with twists and mystery can bring so much more to the screen. That being said I don't think the format would work for other genres like, Action. I really hope this catches on and we get more thrillers like it.

Rating: 5 Glasses

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